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Can humans empathize with animals? Recognizing our limited view in understanding animals' intelligence - Gabriëlle Bruggeling

AnthroArt by Antropedia / Namla / Ambigrama

Episode notes

As an anthropologist I believed that ‘culture’ is what makes humans exceptional compared to other living beings. Research on social learning and cultural traits among animals, however, shows that ‘human abilities’ are found among animals as well. It states that humans and animals are more alike than different. These findings invite us to learn to understand animals’ intelligence through the setting of their ecology, instead of from the human point of view. But are humans capable of empathizing with animals in that way? It is an instinct of human evolution to attribute human-like traits and behaviors to animals. This tendency is what is called anthropomorphism. Furthermore and in extension of this, we define animals through stories and life experiences, which often has a direct effect on how animals live. It is evident that these human traits can  ... 

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