Behind The Best Web3 Games: Blending Tokenomics and Game Design

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Episode notes

Welcome to Token Talks with Animoca Brands! For today's episode, our very own Tokenomics team reveals insights on how to build the best web3 games, from product design to user retention, and more. Tune in to this episode to gain special insights into game design and tokenomics in web3. ⭐ Mohamed Ezeldin, Head of Tokenomics ⭐Marc McGinley, Game Designer ⭐Mohamed AbdelKhalek, Game designer ⭐ Jerry Lai, Tokenomics Analyst⭐ Emilio Padulo, Senior Tokenomics Analyst ⭐Jakob Kenny, Tokenomics Analyst⭐Squiddy, VP of Culture at Superfine🔹 Token Talks is brought to you by Animoca Brands' #tokenomics team. If you are interested in learning more about game design and crypto, follow

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