Youth vs Government: How Youth Activism and Legal Action Are Changing the World for the Better

Hopeful Environmentalist by Taylor Ganis

Episode notes

Have you ever wondered how an environmental court case works? Or maybe you're wondering how youth can get involved in environmental law. In this episode, our host, Taylor Ganis, sits down with the Assistant Dean for Environmental Law Studies, Randall S. Abate, to discuss what environmental law is, how you can get involved, and where you can find resources about this topic. 

The George Washington University Law School's Environmental and Energy Law Program is holding their annual Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium in in Washington, DC (and virtually) on March 27 and 28, visit this page here. This years event, “Environmental Justice Solutions Summit: Strategic Litigation, Resilience, and Hope,” will explore environmental justice with a cross-sectional and interdisciplinary lens and feature youth climate activism, climate migration, stra ... 

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