Promoting physician wellness and resilience within Stanford anesthesia: the PRIME program

Anesthesia STAT: the Stanford Anesthesia Tutorial Podcast by Derrick Wu, MD

Episode notes

Dr. Jody Leng and Dr. Brett Athans, both key faculty in the PRIME (Physician Resiliency in Medicine) program join Derrick Wu in talking about physician wellness and how PRIME plays a significant part in promoting wellness/resiliency within the residency and department. We talk about what PRIME is and how it got started (02:49), how PRIME has lead the way for similar initiatives around the country (08:22), resources and methods that may help improve well-being during a difficult time (12:42), how the "gas lounge" began and how PRIME facilitates new wellness initiatives (20:33), what check-in sessions are and how they help in debriefing tough situations as well as finding common ground in shared experiences (24:22), do a sample check-in (27:42), practicing "resiliency" while knowing there are other systemic issues at hand (37:23), and have some clo ... 

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