And That’s True

by Sara Kaempf

Understand what it means to have a relationship with God and learn how to practically apply Christian faith in your life.

Podcast episodes

  • Modesty


    For a Christian…. What is modesty and what is it not? What does it mean to be modest? What does it look like to dress modestly? Practically, what does it mean to put on Christ? Should women dress a certain why to help men? If our bodies are from God, and therefore “good”, why can’t I show it off? All these and more are answered in this discussion for WOMEN and MEN regarding modesty. Follow Savanna on instagram and @savannalattazni. Follow the podcast @AndThatsTrue and @sarakaempf for podcast updates and to be buddies.

  • It’s a Trap

    It’s a Trap

    Does God actually have any idea what He is doing? This episode is about God leading you places you don’t want to go, for reasons you can’t understand. Come hang for a bit with me and guest, Sunny Lebron, and we’ll figure out what’s going on. If you like what you hear… Follow Sunny @the_sunnylebron and my personal account @sarakaempf. Our DMs are open for thoughts, questions, prayer requests! And as always, follow @andthatstrue for podcast updates.

  • It’s Okay to Love Erie

    It’s Okay to Love Erie

    This one’s a special episode. Some friends and I took a weekend trip and ended up reflecting on some of our most impactful spiritual experiences. Below is everyone’s Instagram if you’re interested in finding out more: @bobbilifeinc @savannalattanzi @morgancrayon @hannahstahlman Also, be sure to follow @andthatstrue for podcast updates and extra content!

  • An Eternal Impact

    An Eternal Impact

    God made David a promise, one that offered him an eternal impact. The Lord offers you the same thing! Listen to hear to what God’s Covenant with David, out of 2 Samuel 7, means for you, and acquire wisdom on how a heart connected to Jesus gives you access to the promises of God. Connect with me on Instagram! Follow @andthatstrue for podcast updates. Follow my personal account @sarakaempf so we can be friends. My DMs are open for questions, prayer requests, and suggestions for future topics!

  • How to Believe God for What You Desire

    How to Believe God for What You Desire

    Welcome to And That’s True! More details are coming, but for now, I had to get this message out there. This episode is for the one who feels stuck, who is anxious and frustrated, and who is waiting for God to answer their prayers. The story of Hannah, out of 1 Samuel 1, helps us understand how it is the Lord will respond to what it is we are asking Him for. God wants to give you what it is you want. That’s a bold statement, so let me be clear. Do you even know what God can do for you and what you want from Him? To know that, you must be in relationship with Him. In loving the Lord and communicating with Him, He will place kingdom-sized desires in our hearts. So maybe your wishing for healing, a successful career, freedom from sin, freedom from oppression, restoration of your relationships, a spouse, the ability to bless others, or - dare I say it - material things. I’m going to help you understand these desires and why you can believe God will respond to them. My hope is that you find clarity in where your heart is with the Lord and what it is you desire. And that you will receive strength to lift your head up and move forward in faith toward the promises and blessings of the Lord.