Randy McKillop - President and Founder of Courtyard of Honor a 501c3 nonprofit/Topics: Meeting a local hero, September 11th - Ep.075

American Grown Podcast by Austin Sullivan

Episode notes

Episode 075: of the American Grown Podcast in the Colortech Creative Solutions studios with Randy McKillop president & founder of Courtyard of Honor a 501c3 nonprofit. PART 1 of 2.


In this episode Randy talks about his early years as a student at Hershey High School where he met Mike "Rocks" Horrocks while playing baseball. Years later on September 11th 2001 Rocks was a co-pilot on the hijacked flight 175 that hit the South Tower. Randy is on a mission to honor those local heroes like Rocks & so many other men & women that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Randy's main goal, to make sure people NEVER FORGET.

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