Elijah Walters - Singer/Songwriter - Ep. 044

American Grown Podcast by Austin Sullivan

Episode notes

Episode 044: of the American Grown Podcast in the Colortech Creative Solutions studios with Elijah Walters singer/songwriter. I first met Elijah while photographing a CCHS graduation. He was one of the senior speakers and immediately I was very impressed with what he had to say. After doing some research on social media I found that he has a Spotify and is producing music. If you consider yourself a "Swifties" this episode is for you!

In this episode Elijah talks about how he discovered music through KIDZ BOP. He started writing down song lyrics. Around the same time he started learning piano which included a few singing lessons at the end of each session. Elijah found his love for music. He's currently on a journey to become the next great pop singer bringing his own spin to the genre. Elijah is attending college at The American Musical &a ... 

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