Julia Jiorle - Yoga Instructor & Mental Health Consultant - Ep. 041

American Grown Podcast by Austin Sullivan

Episode notes

Episode 041: of the American Grown Podcast in the Colortech Creative Solutions studios with Julia Jiorle Yoga Instructor & Mental Health Consultant. I learned about Julia through Colleen an old work friend of my wife. She connected us through LinkedIn message. Having not met Julia in person like many other guests on the podcast I wasn't sure what to expect. However she came in to the studio rockin her patriotic American flag "yoga" poses t-shirt and a great big smile!

In this episode Julia talks about growing up with anxiety and feeling nervous to fit in with other kids especially in middle school. Her aunt helped by providing her VHS tapes and books about yoga which helped her feel more relaxed and confident. Julia attended LVC and graduated with a degree in psychology. She spent years in the mental health industry as a consultant unti ... 

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