Episode notes

Chapter 75

Tom had never seen such joy, and it was a terrible thing to behold.

Even the German troops were taken aback. Crowds of men, women and children lined the streets, screaming themselves hoarse. Shimmering clouds of flower petals rained down on the armed columns, like unicoloured butterflies.

He was watching the parade from the balcony of the British Embassy, with Sir Palairet. The Ambassador was in silent tears. Tom was not far behind.

“The strangest thing,” murmured Sir Palairet, “is that they genuinely believe that they are being liberated.”

“No Jews,” said Tom, looking for yarmulkes in the crowd.

“No, but they haven’t left. They think that… Oh, I don’t know what they think.”

“Where in Europe would they go? Can’t go East. Can’t go West.” Tom sighed. ... 

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