S01 E14 - Interview with Marina Orsag - Croatian Comedian

All Things Croatia by Stanko Zovak
In this episode our special guest is Croatian comedian Marina Orsag. Marina started her comedy career in 2004 and since then has put on thousands of shows, and among many other projects, opened up the first standup comedy club in Croatia, Studio Smijeha. She was also just featured in Croatia’s reality singing show Zvijezde Pjevaju and too  ...  See more
Jun 19 2022

Welcome back to a new episode of the All Things Croatia podcast.
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Born and raised in Los Angeles, I'm now living in Zagreb and studying the Croatian language.
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But enough about me.
I'm the Modalia, and let's get started.
Alright, what's up everybody?
Welcome back to the podcast.
Today our special guest is Marina Orsag, and Marina is a Croatian comedian who got her

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