All Music Is Good...Ep.35

All Music Is Good...The Music Review Podcast by Warren Hunter & Arik Blum

Episode notes

Weekly Album Review Ep.35

with your hosts Warren Hunter & Arik Blum

w/special guest Chris O’Neil

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The Wombats - Fix Yourself Not the world

Arik: 6/10 Chris: 6.5/10 Waz: 6.5/10

Fit For An Autopsy - Oh What The Future Hold

Arik: 7/10 Chris: 7/10 Waz: 7/10

Yuele - Glitch Princess

Arik: 5/10 Chris: 6/10 Waz: 5.5/10

Unofficially brought to you by the 'would i really pay $100 for a hand car wash/Mr Bubble' rating scale. .

*really Arik and Waz gave it a 4 and 5 out of 10 but out of respect gor the death-core genre and the realization that neither of them had any clues about it they deferred to Chris.

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