5. Roberto/Nelson: One of El Salvador's disappeared children - Part 2

Alchemical VOICES by Jazzlyn Greenzee

Episode notes

Today's episode is part 2 of my conversation with Roberto/Nelson.

He is one of El Salvador's disappeared children and is working on a documentary and autobiographical novel about reuniting with his family.


In this episode, we touch on the following:

🎙Meeting Roberto/Nelson's family in Central America

🎙️Identity confusion

🎙️Exploring his culture

🎙The relationship with his biological family

🎙️The change that occurred in both families

🎙️The mental health aspect

🎙️Storytelling as therapy and craft

🎙️ Nelson's insights on and hopes for his work


Links to follow and support Roberto/Nelson's work:

Website: https://nelsonroberto.com


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