AI Zen with Andrew and Jen

by Andrew Freed & Jennifer Sukis

A podcast where a designer and a data scientist break down how to create awesome AI experiences. Twitter: @AIZenPodcast

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Privacy by Design

    Privacy by Design

    In this episode we get to talk with Nishant Bhajaria, author of Privacy by Design and leader of data privacy teams at Google, Uber, Netflix and Nike about designing and developing ways to protect your users and their data. Privacy by Design available on Manning Publications 35% off code: podaizen21 Nishant Bhajaria on LinkedIn IBM Trust Center for security and privacy

  • The need to know what we don't know

    The need to know what we don't know

    We all have implicit biases and assumptions that come into play whenever we're designing and building shtuff. Jen and Andrew share the sad, the horrifying and the sometimes amusing stories of what happens when we don't ask what we don't know and just keep on going without identifying our blindspots. Jen's Medium article on what the heck is Kubernetes > *Jen and Andrew would like to make a boulder sized apology to Sisyphus for mistaking him for Atlas.

  • The future of designing the future

    The future of designing the future

    Andrew and Jen bounce ideas around with futurist Clayton Bunyard, Ph.D., about biological design thinking, weird skills we'll need in the future, STEM vs STEAM, and how video conferencing tools are going to get much, much better. The Future of Organizational Creativity by Clayton Bunyard, Ph,D. Microsoft Holoporter PeTal Magic Leap University of Houston, Master of Science in Foresight

  • Season 1

  • Designing valuable, feasible AI use cases

    Designing valuable, feasible AI use cases

    Andrew asks Jen about her methods for helping teams vet and prioritize all the ways AI could be designed into their products.

  • AI under the hood

    AI under the hood

    Jen and Andrew get into the inner workings of a few simple AI applications and exactly HOW those magic-like experiences are built.