S7:E64 - Sharon Moore: Sleep Wrecked Kids

Airway First by Children's Airway First Foundation

Episode notes

My guest today is the one Sharon Moore is a speech pathologist and myofunctional practitioner with thirty-eight years of clinical experience across a range of communication and swallowing disorders. She has worked in diverse clinical settings in Australia and London.

Currently, Sharon runs a private practice in Canberra for patients of all ages and is part of the transdisciplinary team for the Canberra Sleep Clinic. The integration of orofacial myofunctional principles into traditional speech pathology work allows a unique approach to managing disorders of the upper airway, including breathing, swallowing, chewing, phonation, resonance, speech and sleep issues related to upper airway obstruction.

Sharon has a special interest in early identification of craniofacial growth anomalies in syndromic and non-syndromic children, concomitant  ... 

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