S6:E51 - Dr. Larry Kotlow: Parent's Guide to Tongue Ties

Airway First by Children's Airway First Foundation

Episode notes

My guest today is Dr. Lawrence Kotlow a board-certified pediatric dentist — a specialist dedicated to treating children, from birth, infants, and toddlers since 1974. His practice specializes in preventive dentistry, newborn and infant care, the use of lasers for restoring decayed teeth, and oral surgery. His work with mothers and infants with breastfeeding due to tethered oral tissues (tongue-ties and lip-ties) is respected worldwide. His practice, located in Albany, New York, serves the dental needs of all children, including special needs children. He is a recognized international expert and lecturer on the use of lasers in treating children and pediatric dental care.

Dr. Kotlow is well known for his concern and understanding of mothers  ... 

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