Law & AI Ft. Carole Piovesan

AI or Die by Rehgan Avon

Episode notes
Welcome back to episode 5. This week we are joined by Carole Piovensan. Carole is Managing Partner at INQ Law, focusing her practice on privacy, cyber incident response, data governance, and artificial intelligence (AI) risk management. She regularly counsels clients on a wide range of matters related to privacy, cyber readiness and breach response, data governance, ethical AI, and responsible innovation. On this week's episode, we discuss what she’s hearing from clients around AI & law, use cases, points of concern, big opportunities long term, etc.
  • Google showing you AI-generated ads. How are internet ads going to change with AI?
  • AI Regulation discussion & how we predict it to unfold
  • Governance leaders & how they are leveraging stewards. Bringing people and processes together.
  • Fractional CDO/CAO ... 
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