• AI or Die
  • LLMs in the Enterprise, Can They ...

LLMs in the Enterprise, Can They Trust Them?

AI or Die by Rehgan Avon

Episode notes

This week we are joined by Pete Gordon. Pete has worked with many companies to build NLP solutions. Pete believes that beautiful things happen when Statistics and Software come together on the Internet to bring Automated Inference (AI) and the ideal User Experience.

This week we cover topics:

  • Update from Nick at the conference he’s attending in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Why are companies avoiding data governance right now?

  • Why Cyber Security should care about AI.

  • Paradigm shift and digital transformation with ChatGPT. How much impact will this have on workers (programmers, data scientists, and writers)

  • The AI Revolution. How previous revolutions replaced or accelerated the past technologies we use today.

  • How start-ups have embraced AI and why. ... 

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