I.O.W with Kolten Bergeron - Head of Growth at Liquity

Agora Offsiders by Agora Podcast

Episode notes

Kolten Bergeron joins Mark11 in the studio to talk about everything Liquity! They dive into Kolten's crypto background, how DAO's differ from corporations, the growing pains of DAOs, the trade-offs associated with having a fee-based token vs a typical governance token like other protocols, and why every stablecoin is not the same.

What they touch on:

- What is Liquity? (2:41)

- Distributed front-end operators (4:13)

- Kolten’s crypto background (6:22)

- Kolten and the Stellar Development Foundation (8:52)

- First ETH & BTC purchases (10:06)

- Trails and tribulations of investing in crypto (11:31)

- Defi Summer (12:32)

- Kolten’s intro to OHM (13:50)

- Kolten’s first impressions of Olympus (15:48)

- How collateralized loans work and redemption mechanisms (18:41) ... 

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