Aging Matters

by Mary Lucas & Jason Kong

Redefining ‘aging’ and addressing issues that we face everyday as we get older.

Podcast episodes

  • Aging Matters: Navigating Midlife

    Aging Matters: Navigating Midlife

    Kathy Batista is a Mood, Mindset and Mindfulness Coach for Women and she joins us to share tips about making changes in midlife.

  • Aging Matters: Dementia Prevention

    Aging Matters: Dementia Prevention

    Dr. Mitch Clionsky, Clinical Neuro Psychologist and Author of 'Dementia Prevention' puts dementia and Alzheimer's into perspective and provides insight on how to prevent dementia.

  • Aging Matters: Available As Is

    Aging Matters: Available As Is

    Debbie Weiss, Author of the book "Available As Is: A Midlife Widow's Search for Love", joins us to discuss life after losing a spouse.

  • Aging Matters: Silent Teachers

    Aging Matters: Silent Teachers

    Amanda Mittelstadt, Director of the Willed Body Program at High Point University, explains whole body donation and how it is a powerful gift and learning tool for students.

  • Aging Matters: Marathon of Caregiving

    Aging Matters: Marathon of Caregiving

    Debbie Weiss, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Host of the Maybe I Can Podcast, shares her caregiving journey of caring for her father at a young age and then eventually being a caregiver for her husband.