Live Pod With Dr Jessica Lovering, Founder of Good Energy Collective on "Trade and Technology for Emerging Nuclear Countries"

AfriNuke Podcast by Afrinuke Podcast

Episode notes
  • GEC stands in to rethink how countries do their bilateral agreements (under the 123 legislative code agreement) with focus on nuclear
  • GEC is more on the ground focused engaging with communities working to socialise nuclear with represented groups
  • It is not unusual to work with another country to develop your first nuclear power plant
  • Oil and gas companies may build SMRs to power their operations and process heat, presenting a faster route to getting a nuclear power plant running - the goal is factory fabrication
  • The only country in Africa with the 123 Agreement?
  • How about how communities exercise sovereignty on energy systems for their local environment?
  • What financing options are there?
  • The nuclear pledge at COP28
  • Call for Mentorship:
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