Live Pod With Dr Asuku of CERT, Zaria on " Applications of Research Reactors in Nigeria"

AfriNuke Podcast by Afrinuke Podcast

Episode notes
  • Ajaokuta steel company will need stable baseload and reliable nuclear energy
  • Our ability to safely operate a nuclear power plant in Nigeria tells on our ability to operate the bigger power plant when it come
  • The research reactor in Zaria is for neutron activation analysis, research and training
  • Fukushima accident did not have a direct fatality and historical nuclear accidents are minimal
  • Nuclear waste seem to be the major industry challenge but not enough to stop build out
  • We need to continue the conversation on nuclear like we are doing on this podcast to get our policy makers to act
  • Policy maker have to make nuclear career attractive
  • We need to keep improving on our research
  • Questions and Answers
  • Call for Mentorship:
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