ACB's legacy podcast: celebrating 20 years of resistance against GMOs in Africa

ACB's two-decade legacy by African Centre for Biodiversity

Episode notes

This legacy series provides an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the past two decades of ACB’s advocacy and activism, with a particular focus on resisting the introduction of genetic engineering into our agricultural and food systems in Africa. The first podcast, hosted by ACB Research and Advocacy Officer Sabrina Masinjila, features our Executive Director and founder, Mariam Mayet and Haidee Swanby, who worked for ACB for a decade. Don’t miss this intimate recounting of the early years, as civil society scrambled to understand the emerging technology and its risks, and then resisting its introduction. In the second podcast we will hone in on the fight to have genetically modified organisms (GMOs) regulated, with a deeper dive into our engagement in the international arena and the drafting of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Cartag ... 

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