In Relation to In Relation Ep1 | Tina Barton Reads - Lunchtime Talks

COURTESY OF by Adam Art Gallery Te Pataka Toi

Episode notes

Every second Tuesday lunchtime, Christina Barton, Director of the Adam Art Gallery and co-curator of In Relation: Performance Works by Peter Roche & Linda Buis 1979–1985, will select a performance in the exhibition and read the relevant original notes drafted by the artists or compiled by their most assiduous audience member, the critic and curator Wystan Curnow. Her idea is to bring a live dimension into the gallery as a way of animating the documentation on display and sharing first-hand insights in their unedited form. Each reading will be between 10 and 20 minutes with time for questions after.

In this reading Tina delivers artist Peter Roche's notes around the performances of Oh Shit No, On the Contrary, and offers insights into this part of the timeline, which is ... 

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