Across the Circus

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Where the world of politics takes center stage. Our host, Alex Hopper, dissects the whirlwind of political happenings with a razor-sharp intellect and an unbiased perspective.

Every episode delves into the latest developments in politics, both domestic and global. Alex provides nuanced analyses of policies, legislations, political ideologies, and the ever-changing dynamics of power. From election updates to legislative ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • March Elections Insight

    March Elections Insight

    In this crucial episode of "Driscoll’s Election Dissection," Frank Driscoll dives deep into the significant elections set for March 19, 2024. Frank provides an incisive analysis of the Republican primary for the Ohio US Senate race, unpacks the dynamics of the Republican primary for Ohio’s 6th congressional district, and sheds light on the special election for the US House of Representatives in California’s 20th congressional district. With his expert insight, Frank outlines the key candidates, pivotal issues, and potential implications of these races on the broader political landscape. Whether you’re a political enthusiast or an everyday voter, this episode offers essential knowledge to understand the stakes and strategies at play in these critical elections. Learn more about the show and the host: Fuel Our Creativity:

  • Super Tuesday Roundup

    Super Tuesday Roundup

    Join Frank Driscoll in this episode of “Driscoll’s Election Dissection” as he delves into the pivotal Super Tuesday events scheduled for March 5, 2024. Known as a cornerstone in the presidential election cycle, this day will see a flurry of activity across numerous states, with both Republican and Democrat primaries unfolding. Frank offers a focused roundup of Alabama, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, and Texas, where voters will not only choose their presidential candidates but also decide on congressional and statewide seats. Get the inside scoop on the candidates, the issues at stake, and what these primaries might signal for the national political landscape. Learn more about the show and the host: Fuel Our Creativity:

  • Election 2024 Unpacked

    Election 2024 Unpacked

    In this enlightening episode of “Policies, Progress, and Problems,” Alex Hopper takes a deep dive into the upcoming 2024 election year. He discusses what voters can expect from a year that promises to be filled with crucial decisions and pivotal moments. From abortion rights to foreign policy, immigration, and crime, Alex explores the key issues that are set to dominate the ballot boxes. He also examines how current approval ratings might influence the election's direction and outcome. Whether you're a political newbie or a seasoned observer, this episode offers valuable insights into what's shaping up to be a defining year in American politics. Learn More About the Show: Fuel Our Creativity:

  • Super Tuesday Showdown

    Super Tuesday Showdown

    In this dynamic episode of “Driscoll’s Election Dissection,” host Frank Driscoll zeroes in on the high-energy special election unfolding on February 13th – Super Tuesday. This episode takes a deep dive into New York's third congressional district, where the political landscape is as vibrant and diverse as the district itself. Frank analyzes key factors and players shaping this critical race, offering insights into what this election could signal for broader political trends. He'll also provide a detailed look at campaign strategies, voter demographics, and potential implications for both local and national political scenes. Tune in to get the full scoop from Frank Driscoll, your go-to expert for all things electoral. Learn more about the show and the host: Fuel Our Creativity:

  • Primaries Kickoff 2024

    Primaries Kickoff 2024

    Frank Driscoll sets the stage for the high-stakes 2024 presidential primary season, beginning with the Iowa caucuses on January 15th. As the first major event on the Republican presidential nominating calendar, Frank breaks down the significance of the Iowa caucuses, what they historically predict about the race, and what new twists we might expect this cycle. Beyond this, he provides a roadmap of what listeners can anticipate from the podcast throughout this pivotal election year – from candidate profiles to strategic analysis. Whether you're a political aficionado or a casual observer, this episode is your primer for understanding the upcoming electoral battleground. Official Website: Fuel Our Creativity: