Episode 4 - Accreditation Matters : Our Role in Enabling the Circular Economy

Accreditation Matters by IAF and ILAC

Episode notes

When we talk about circular economy, as we all know it is an alternative to highly extractive and resource intensive linear economy principle which replaces the end of life concept with three Rs concept and focuses on the usage of selection of materials, products, processes for waste elimination. It aims at retaining value of resources, products and materials by using them as long as possible and minimizing the wastage of the life cycles and at each life cycle stage. And there is no denying that the implementation of circular economy approaches can in fact lead to material cost savings and increase the profits. So when we look at the global communities stand it is nothing but for the economic growth which comes at an ecological cost there is a need that we introduce this concept of circular economy so that we have a potential to provide new oppor ... 

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