Ep 3 - Accreditation matters: Digital and technological advance for accredited conformity assessment

Accreditation Matters by IAF and ILAC

Episode notes

Welcome to the third of IAF and ILAC’s podcast series, Accreditation Matters. This podcast series features discussions with international experts on important matters about the international quality infrastructure and the way that accreditation and accredited conformity assessment supports business, regulators, governments and consumers.

In our first episode, we explored the role of accreditation and accredited conformity assessment services within the quality infrastructure community, highlighting the importance of accreditation and the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement/ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement.

In the second episode, we examined the role accreditation plays in issues of ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance.

In this third Accreditation Matters episode, we will be discussing the role of technology  ... 

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