Episode 2 - Accreditation Matters : Our role in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

Accreditation Matters by IAF and ILAC

Episode notes

This episode is about the role of accreditation and accredited conformity assessment in enabling and approving ESG declarations (Environmental, Social and Governance). Episode 2 host is Rebecca Sheehan from ILAC secretariat Our two guests are: + Emanuele Riva : IAF Chair + Ron Josias: AFRAC Chair Case studies gathered from around the world on the use of accredited conformity assessment its business benefits are available in the following two websites: Public Sector Assurance website : publicsectorassurance.org Business Benefits website: business-benefits.org Coming up in this episode(0:00) Podcast promo video (0:20) Episode introduction (1:15) Guests introduction (2:08) What is ESG and why it is so important? ( ... 

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