Food Sub-series - Ep1: "The role of Accreditation in the Food sector"

Accreditation Matters by IAF and ILAC

Episode notes

🎙️ Welcome to the Accreditation Matters Podcast! 🌐 This inaugural episode, hosted by Colin Chrismas, delves into the vital role of accreditation in the food sector. Colin, the IAF Food Working Group Co-Convenor, leads a discussion with Accreditation, Certification and Industry experts, exploring the impact of accreditation on everyday life. 🍲 In this episode: 00:00 - Introduction 01:30 - Understanding the Role of IAF and ILAC 05:45 - Multilateral Agreement (MLA) and Accreditation Recognition 09:15 - Exploring Conformity Assessment standards and schemes 12:40 - The ISO 17000 Series and its Significance 18:20 - Certification's Impact on Food Manufacturing - Insights from Skip Greenway 26:30 - Evolution of Food Safety Standards and the GFSI Initiative 31:45 - MLA Endorsement of Schemes - Kylie Sheenan explains 35:50 - Conclusion Join us as we unr ... 

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