(05/25) Is Carson Wentz Injury Prone?, Dak Turns Down $175m, NFC East Preview + Weekly NFL News Recap

According To Sources with Alex Burns and TJ Striano by Alex Burns

Episode notes

Happy Memorial Day Football Fans!

In today's episode we cover all the latest NFL News that happened during the week such as Dak Prescott Turning down $175m deal from the Cowboys (1:39), what Seattle signing Carlos Hyde means for the Seattle backfield (5:20), Jets placing Jamal Adams on the trade block (8:25), DeVante Parker vs. Michael Thomas twitter beef (10:40), New onside kick proposal (19:52), LeBron going to NFL rumors in 2011 (21:52), Josh Allen vs. Baker Mayfield (28:08), NFC East Division preview (32:26), & MORE!!!!