Episode 23 - Quality Training, Morality, and Treating Everyone the Same, with Osprey Shooting Solutions

The A Better Way 2A Podcast by A Better Way 2A

Episode notes

Join us as we hang out with Robert "Edgar" Mills from Osprey Shooting Solutions out of Rome, Georgia and talk about everything from being a decent person to personal fitness and training to stay alive. We go into his experience in Special Forces and how he brings his skills to the civilian world so that we can all benefit from them. We discuss the pitfalls of filtering trainers through ideological purity tests and how mutual respect can go a long way. We loved having Edgar bring a unique perspective to the show and had a great time with him despite fighting through technical difficulties the whole time, and we really think you're going to get something out of this one!

(We apologize for the delay between some questions and answers. This episode had significant technical issues and we tried to clean it up as best as we could!)

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