S02 E03 - Episode 23 - Quality Training, Morality, and Treating Everyone the Same, with Osprey Shooting Solutions

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Join us as we hang out with Robert "Edgar" Mills from Osprey Shooting Solutions out of Rome, Georgia and talk about everything from being a decent person to personal fitness and training to stay alive. We go into his experience in Special Forces and how he brings his skills to the civilian world so that we can all benefit from them. We di  ...  See more
Feb 17 2023

The skill itself, the technical skill of drawing your pistol and putting it on target and shooting
is the same across the spectrum.
It doesn't matter if you're in Afghanistan or in the Waffle House parking lot.
So it's the same skill.
You have to be smart enough to discern what's going on around you at all times.
For these old like FUD type dude, cop dudes, the old guys that say competition will get
you killed, I think they're full of shit.
Yeah I agree 100% man.
And that's another thing that when you get a gun you've got a responsibility to yourself,
not only yourself but everyone around you, your family, those you would seek to protect
to be able to be trained proficiently in order to use it.
And I think a lot of people get a gun and all of a sudden feel like their safety has
engaged, li

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