A Shot of Espresso

by Rhonda Schrock

A Shot of Espresso is designed to deliver a powerful shot of wisdom, encouragement, and humor. Join America's small, caffeinated mom as she shares from her overflowing storehouse of hope and happiness. No matter what your age and stage, there is something for everyone. Come meet her for your morning cup of coffee on her beloved BOS (Bright Orange Swing).

Podcast episodes

  • Perfect in my eyes

    Perfect in my eyes

    As so often happens, it was my sons who taught me this important truth.

  • The two doors you need

    The two doors you need

    In times of transition, this is how I pray. "Give us two open doors..."

  • Walking on water

    Walking on water

    To be a water walker, you'll have to step out of comfort and into courage.

  • The waiting room

    The waiting room

    There's so much good that happens in the waiting rooms of life. Thankfully, we are not there forever.

  • The last nerve

    The last nerve

    When you've got one nerve left and the kids are standing on it with cleats, here's a rope to hold.