Ep 69: "Unmasking the Financial Malfeasance: A Conversation with Bethany McLean, Co-Author of 'All the Devils Are Here'"

The 9Innings Podcast by Kevin Thompson, RICP®, CFP®

Episode notes

In this podcast episode, Kevin Thompson interviews journalist Bethany McLean about her book "All the Devils Are Here," exploring the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath. They discuss the crisis's origins, the role of homeownership, and the ethical implications for society and capitalism. McLean stresses the importance of critical journalism and the dangers of excessive debt and moral erosion in business. The conversation also covers the current housing market, the concept of "too big to fail," and McLean's new book "The Big Fail," which examines the pandemic's societal impact. Additionally, McLean critiques the blind trust in billionaires and calls for accountability and a balanced view of their influence. The episode emphasizes education and engagement on financial and ethical issues.

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