Episode 62: "Talkin Baseball w/ Jeff Frye

The 9Innings Podcast by Kevin Thompson, RICP®, CFP®

Episode notes
ON THIS WEEKS PODCAST: Kevin talks with Jeff Frye about the current state of the game of baseball. We discuss his business "shegone" and how that became the phenomenon it is today. Jeff is an old school guy that believes in the basic fundamentals of the game, and he feels that we have strayed away from what makes a "good" baseball player. Jeff is a consummate professional and having him on the podcast today was a delight. We talk about the "hitting gurus" and how they may be ruining young players with their approach to hitting. Jeff is adamant in his approach to hitting and playing the game which draws much criticism on social channels, but he takes it in stride and we also believe in what he says as well. Website: http://www.9icapitalgroup.com Hit the subscribe button to get new co ...   ...  Read more