Episode 61: Are You In An MLM? 5 Ways To Determine If It Is A Legitimate Business!

The 9Innings Podcast by Kevin Thompson, RICP®, CFP®

Episode notes

Welcome to the 9Innings Podcast where we Educate, Empower and Engage:

In this episode of the 9innings podcast, Kevin Thompson, founder and CEO of 9i Capital Group, discusses MLM scams and pyramid schemes. He provides listeners with warning signs to look out for when considering involvement in MLM companies, drawing on his wife's personal experience. Kevin emphasizes the importance of thorough research, independent reviews, and checking the track record of MLM companies with consumer protection agencies. He advises listeners to ask questions, consider costs and risks, and seek professional advice before getting involved. Kevin concludes by highlighting the high failure rates and financial losses associated with MLMs and his commitment to empowering clients.

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