Be inspired! Why?! Simply because YOU are a WOMAN...

Gyrl Talk with j Marie by Gyrl Talk with j Marie

Episode notes

Gyrls, during this episode we are going to celebrate THE EXCELLENCE of us...the FEMALE!

If you want to be encouraged and empowered if even just for today, this episode will do it for you! Join me. I want to make sure you walk out of 2020 Women’s Month ready for ALL THINGS!! My loves, you can do this! All the things that come with it! Not to mention...I have one of the greatest artist God created with Sharon Youngblood. We will discuss how Bomb we are as women with this ANOINTED talented musical guest!

Gyrls! Hit me up, j Marie (@GYRLTALKwithjMariepodcast) to let me know what you think of this week’s episode by using the hashtag #GTWJ


* Host: j Marie (@itsjmariecomedy)

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