The 501cTV Podcast

by Jenell Harris

Welcome to the 501cTV Show, the podcast and vlog hosted by Jenell Harris, Co-Founder & President of Nonprofit Nest. Jenell sits down with system change leaders, thought leaders, non-profits, and non-profit partners like yourself to discuss what's new in the industry and how organizations of all sizes can move the mission forward effectively. Whether you've been in the industry for decades or have been thinking of startin ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 7

  • Roots and Wings with Founder & President Ted Hoskinson

    Roots and Wings with Founder & President Ted Hoskinson

    In this episode of 501c TV, Ted Hoskinson, the founder of Roots and Wings, shares the heartwarming story behind the organization’s inception. Established in memory of his late wife, Roots and Wings symbolizes the importance of laying strong foundations before taking flight in life. The program’s core focus revolves around uplifting children and families, with a particular emphasis on supporting education in Title I schools. The evolution of Roots and Wings from the Snickers Awards to the prestigious Above and Beyond Awards showcases a deep commitment to honoring and recognizing exceptional teachers. The initiative has expanded its reach to assist disadvantaged third-grade students grappling with literacy challenges, offering tailored after-school classes led by certified educators. Education emerges as a central theme throughout the conversation, with a spotlight on the critical role of literacy in shaping children’s futures and averting adverse outcomes. The text sheds light on the unique obstacles faced by Title I schools in Palm Beach County and underscores the program’s initiatives to address linguistic diversity and provide early intervention for struggling students. Noteworthy program features include incentivizing teachers with higher pay for after-school sessions, personalized student groupings based on learning needs, and a strong emphasis on regular attendance. The narrative delves into the school’s innovative strategies for recognizing academic achievements, boosting student morale through accolades like the iReady test awards, and fostering partnerships with organizations like the Boca West Children’s Foundation to offer motivational incentives such as bicycles.

  • Nonprofits First with Trudy Crowetz

    Nonprofits First with Trudy Crowetz

    501cTV welcomes Trudy Crowetz from Nonprofits First. Nonprofits First is a beacon of support for other nonprofit causes striving to achieve their missions with exceptional performance and results. However, amid their noble endeavor, they face a formidable challenge: the ever-growing demand for increasing capacity and infrastructure support needed by nonprofits. Nonprofits First understands that for these organizations to thrive and make a meaningful impact, they require guidance, training, and support. In response to this challenge, Nonprofits First has launched innovative capacity-building programs, offers expert training and workshops, and provides other valuable resources tailored to the specific needs of each agency. In today's episode, Trudy Crowetz will share insights on these initiatives, the challenges they face, and the impact they are making in the community. We will delve into how Nonprofits First calls upon our community to rally behind their cause. Financial contributions are crucial, ensuring that Nonprofits First can continue to provide these essential services. Together, let us support Nonprofits First as they empower other nonprofits to create lasting change and make our community a better place for all. For more information on Nonprofits First and how you can support their work, please visit Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation with Trudy Crowetz.

  • Rhonda's Promise with Executive Director Rhonda Rogers

    Rhonda's Promise with Executive Director Rhonda Rogers

    501cTV has the honor of hosting Rhonda Rogers, the inspiring founder of Rhonda's Promise. In this episode, we dive deep into the incredible journey of Rhonda and her nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering underprivileged children and families. Rhonda shares her heartfelt story, from the challenges she faced growing up to the pivotal moments that inspired her to create Rhonda's Promise. We explore the impactful programs and initiatives her nonprofit offers, such as educational support, community outreach, and life skills training, all aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering a brighter future for those in need. Through personal anecdotes and touching testimonies, Rhonda illustrates the transformative power of compassion, resilience, and community. Join us as we uncover the passion and dedication driving Rhonda's Promise, and learn how you can get involved and make a difference. Don't miss this uplifting and motivating conversation with Rhonda Rogers, a true beacon of hope and change. Tune in to 501cTV for an episode that promises to inspire and uplift.

  • Season 6

  • HABCENTER Boca Raton with CEO Sherry Henry

    HABCENTER Boca Raton with CEO Sherry Henry

    501cTV welcomes Sherry Henry, CEO at HABCENTER Boca Raton, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities. Sherry shares her inspiring journey, highlighting her passion for advocacy and inclusion. She delves into the various programs and initiatives at HABCENTER, aimed at empowering people with disabilities to lead fulfilling and independent lives. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by the disabled community and the impactful work being done to overcome these barriers. Sherry's dedication and expertise make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in disability advocacy and support.

  • HCA Florida - Palms West Hospital CEO Jason Kimbrell

    HCA Florida - Palms West Hospital CEO Jason Kimbrell

    501cTV sits down with HCA Florida - Palms West Hospital CEO Jason Kimbrell to share how his service in the Air Force led to his service as a Fire Fighter and Paramedic to want to serve and help the few on calls he was on to the many that Palms West serves today that he oversees. Palms West over the years has become a leader in specialized care like ER care and response, Robotic Assisted Surgeries and Women & Children Services serving greater Palm Beach County.