S01 E26 - Episode 26 - Madeleine Hernandez (The Owl House!)

39 Minute Conversations by Brian T. Arnold
In this episode, Brian T. Arnold has a 39-minute conversation with writer, actress, and comedian Madeleine Hernandez (The Owl House!) Listen to us talk about when she realized she wanted to be a writer/performer, going from a character performer at Disneyland to writing for a Disney Channel show, coming up as an apprentice writer, the con  ...  See more
May 02 2023

Welcome to 39-minute conversations.
Please wait for your host to begin this meeting.
Your meeting is now being recorded.
I can neither see or hear you at this point.
It wouldn't let me.
I had to agree to recording before it would let me say or do anything.
That's okay.
You agreed.
So perfect.
That means we can do this.
All right.
Look at your professional setup.
I know it's a microphone.
I'm very excited to chat with you and introduce you and get into it.
But the first thing I do have to do is get through an ad read.
I hope that's on. I hope you understand. I'm very sorry.
I'm ready. I have a snack. Go ahead.
Go for it.
This week's episode of 39 minute conversations is not technically
presented by current events going on in Hollywood.
And by that.
I am referring t

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