S01 E25 - Episode 25 - Kerry O'Neill (Jury Duty! Murderville! Bea At Rehab!)

39 Minute Conversations by Brian T. Arnold
In this episode, Brian T. Arnold has a 39-minute conversation with writer, director, and comedian Kerry O'Neill (Jury Duty! Murderville! Bea At Rehab!) Listen to us talk about interning at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater together when we were LA babies, how she broke in as a TV writer, the importance of collaboration, directing her o  ...  See more
Apr 25 2023

Welcome to 39 minute conversations.
Please wait for your host to begin this meeting.
Your meeting is now being recorded.
Okay, now can you see me and hear me okay?
I can hear you.
Okay, and not see me yet.
That's my fault.
There I am.
We're doing it.
Take two, having some microphone issues.
Sorry about that.
But as I was saying before, lovely to see you.
It's been way too long.
I know, so long.
It's kind of crazy that now we're talking on a podcast instead of like...
Instead of at the UCB theater, just as people go into a show.
Yeah, that was crazy.
I feel like we started in the same place and took different roads.
So it's interesting to reconnect and talk.
I feel exactly the same way.
Because I've been so excited to catch up with you and I'm so excited for you and proud of

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