S01 E20 - Episode 20 - Deirdre Devlin (Robot Chicken! Final Space! LEGO Monkie Kid!)

39 Minute Conversations by Brian T. Arnold
In this episode, Brian T. Arnold has a 39-minute conversation with Emmy-winning writer, actress, and comedian Deirdre Devlin (Robot Chicken! Final Space! LEGO Monkie Kid!)Listen to us talk about how we reconnected during the pandemic, the importance of being a little bit delusional, standing by ideas you believe in, the night she won an E  ...  See more
Mar 21 2023

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Alright, are you there? Can you see me? Can you hear me?
Hi, yes, okay. I'm on my phone and I hope that's okay.
It's fine, if it works for you it works for me.
Perfect. Hi.
Hello, I will be sharing this video. So are you cool with that with the phone?
90 degree angle here we got going on the vertical?
Yeah, I apologize. My computer is, I couldn't do it with my computer today.
Okay, well, we don't need it.
I'm excited to chat with you but the first thing that I do have to do is get through a quick ad read I hope that's how you can handle that I apologize.
This week's episode is not technically presented by Ted Lasso. I know, I know, shock and surprise like everyone else i

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