S01 E19 - Episode 19 - Brian James O'Connell (Bloodsucking Bastards! The Anarchist Cookbook! Dr. God!)

39 Minute Conversations by Brian T. Arnold
In this episode, Brian T. Arnold has a 39-minute conversation with writer, director, actor, and improviser Brian James O'Connell (Bloodsucking Bastards! The Anarchist Cookbook! Dr. God!)Listen to us talk about his origins growing up in the South and attending North Carolina School of the Arts with Danny McBride, David Gordon Green, Jody H  ...  See more
Mar 14 2023

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Okay, can you see me? Can you hear me okay?
I gotta get in there.
Hey man, good to see you.
Good to see you sir, how are you?
I'm doing well, how about yourself?
Not too bad, not too bad. I'm still in the midst of moving, so I've got a little bit left to do tonight. Then I go to Sacramento for four days and I come back and it's just clean, clean, clean.
Well thank you for taking the time to do this today.
Dude, thank you for reminding me. I was like, oh I absolutely swung a miss on this one. Usually everything goes right in the calendar immediately.
Oh when I asked you, I was like, oh I got days before I have to like even put it in my calendar and worry about it. And the

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