S01 E09 - Episode 9 - David L. Williams (The 2022 Black List!)

39 Minute Conversations by Brian T. Arnold
For the month of January, 39 Minute Conversations features writers who have been featured on The Black List, the annual list of the best unproduced screenplays of the year as voted on by producers, creative execs, and other Hollywood professionals.In this episode, Brian T. Arnold has a 39-minute conversation with screenwriter David L Will  ...  See more
Jan 03 2023

13:45:44 Alright. Can you see me? Can you hear me? Okay?
13:45:47 I can do you
13:45:52 Look at that!
13:45:49 And now I can see you perfect, perfect, good. Look at us, good to see you.
13:45:55 I am very much looking forward to to chatting, but the first thing I have to do is get through a quick AD read.
13:46:02 Of course.
13:46:01 I hope you understand that that's okay. Cool, cool. So if you could just type for just 1 s this episode of 39 min conversations is not technically brought to you by Babylon from Damian Chiselle, the writer and director of Whiplash and lala land comes an epic three-hour
13:46:18 Tragic comedy about the death of silent movies and the rise of talkies starring Margo, Robbie, Brad Pitt, Diego, Calva, Jeans Smart, and so many more.
13:46:26 Babylon is legitimately o

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