S01 E04 - Episode 4 - Bill Posley (Cobra Kai! Bitch Ass! Sam and Victor's Day Off!)

39 Minute Conversations by Brian T. Arnold
Brian T. Arnold has a 39-minute conversation with writer, director, actor, and comedian Bill Posley (Cobra Kai, Bitch Ass, Sam and Victor's Day Off). Listen to us talk about what it's like working on beloved properties, directing his first movie, his time as a contestant on Survivor, and building a good writing routine -- all before Zoom  ...  See more
Nov 22 2022

15:59:56 Okay. We are recording, waiting for Bill to join
16:00:18 Hey, Bill, are you there? Can you hear me
16:00:22 Yes.
16:00:27 Hey? What's up dude? How are you doing
16:00:25 Hey, man! Good to see you. Good man, good to see you you.
16:00:31 Don't mind real quick before we get started. I do.
16:00:32 This is a podcast where I do everything you know, within the Zoom Meeting.
16:00:38 So I do have one quick add, read, and then we'll get right into it.
16:00:40 How's that sound?
16:00:41 Right to add Whoa! Do lots. Heaven!
16:00:43 Oh, yeah, it's crazy. It's pretty crazy, totally unrelated sponsor that you know.
16:00:48 I who knows how I got it. But you know today's presenting sponsor 39 min conversations is Tim Arnold Myrtle Beach Realtor, look y'all it's been a couple of weeks since T

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