S01 E01 - Episode 1 - Dennis Curlett (Paradox Lost! Funk Shuffle!)

39 Minute Conversations by Brian T. Arnold
Brian T. Arnold has a 39-minute conversation with writer, actor, director, and improviser Dennis Curlett (Paradox Lost, Funk Shuffle). Listen to us talk about screenwriting, comedy, filmmaking, childhood, car crashes, the meaning of life, and the burden of being Brian's friend and roommate -- all before Zoom cuts us off.Paradox Lost is av  ...  See more
Nov 01 2022

Computer Voice: (00:07)
Welcome to 39 Minute Conversations. Please wait for your host to begin this meeting. Your meeting is now being recorded.

Brian: (00:25)
Hey, you there?

Dennis: (00:27)
Yeah. Brian. Hello.

Brian: (00:28)
Hello, Dennis. How are you?

Dennis: (00:30)
Good, how are you?

Brian: (00:32)
I am good, thank you. It sounds good. Looks good. Audio. Everything's working.

Dennis: (00:36)
Are you asking me? You're telling me?

Brian: (00:38)
No, I'm telling you. Everything looks good.

Dennis: (00:40)

Brian: (00:41)
Great, great, great. I I have a lot I wanna talk to you about. I'm very excited that you're, that you, uh, are joining me as my first guest, but before

Dennis: (00:47)
We Yeah, I'm excited too.

Brian: (00:50)
Great. Uh, before we get started t

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