Episode 0.5 - What Is This Show?

39 Minute Conversations by Brian T. Arnold

Host Brian T. Arnold previews what 39 Minute Conversations is all about. It's a teaser for the show, and it's only like 4 minutes long. You know how podcasts work.

Oct 31 2022

COMPUTER VOICE: Welcome to 39 Minute Conversations. Please wait for your host to begin this meeting.

Your meeting is now being recorded.

BRIAN: Hello and welcome to 39 Minute Conversations. My name is Brian T. Arnold. I am the host of this podcast.

This is episode one… Kind of. This is more like episode 0.5. This is the preview of what to expect from this show should you choose to join in. Which my opinion you absolutely should.

It’s gonna be a very fun podcast with a lot of great guests and interviews. But for right now, for this preview episode, it is just me. In a room. By myself. Talking to myself. Which has been the case for the last 2 and a half plus years.

Would it have made more sense to put this podcast out in June or July 2020? Absolutely. But the fact is, it is fall 2022,

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