Podcast episodes

  • Derick Monroe - Behind the Scenes Beauty

    Derick Monroe - Behind the Scenes Beauty

    Celebrity hairstylist Derick Monroe, who has been nominated for 5 Emmys, is now emerging as a YouTube star for Behind the Scenes Beauty. He hails from Hurt, Virginia, and speaks about the trials and tribulations on his journey as one of the most sought-after professionals in glamour. As a veteran, he has worked on several TV shows and film productions, including Bravo’s Project Runway, ABC’s The View, Till (2022), and Respect (2021). Read more.

  • LaJune LIVE!

    LaJune LIVE!

    Actress/Rapper/Singer LaJune performs at the Bodega in the Bronx with a full band + background vocalist. This is an exclusive presentation fueled by 360 MAGAZINE. It was filmed/recorded in one take.

  • Triple Charm - The Pivot

    Triple Charm - The Pivot

    360 MAGAZINE and Vaughn Lowery conduct a virtual fireside chat with Triple Charm.

  • Marquette King Music

    Marquette King Music

    Ex-NFL star athlete, Marquette King, pivots from punter to pop star,

  • Sharon Stone - Art Reception in Greenwich

    Sharon Stone - Art Reception in Greenwich

    Hollywood royalty Sharon Stone invites Vaughn Lowery of 360 MAGAZINE to her private art reception and art exhibition. Hosted at C. Parker Gallery in Greenwich,Connecticut.