Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Rublow - Cash Money

    Rublow - Cash Money

    Rublow, one of the newest members of Cash Money, speaks to Vaughn of 360 MAGAZINE.

  • Uzair Merchant - Merging Realities

    Uzair Merchant - Merging Realities

    Uzair Merchant is the mastermind behind Merging Realities, an immersive short which was used during the World Police Summit

  • Luke Walwyn

    Luke Walwyn

    As of late, 360 MAGAZINE's Armon Hayes had an opportunity to meet Luke Walwyn (illustrator, photographer, art director) at a Lebook Connect NYC reception. In this episode, the two of them engage in a cerebral conversation about branding.

  • Edson Alvarez + Modelo

    Edson Alvarez + Modelo

    West Ham United's Edson Alvarez speaks to Vaughn Lowery about his Modelo collaboration.

  • BYou Laser Clinic

    BYou Laser Clinic

    Vaughn Lowery embarks on a hairloss restoration journey, utilizing BYou's PRP services. Featured technician, Michelle Vitulli, administered Lowery's treatment.