#3. Hindu First Principles Part 1

10 Min Dharma by Bhavin Prajapati

Episode notes

Episode 3 was the hardest thing I had to write. I outline the first set of what I call “Hindu First Principles” I wrote these principles to help anyone understand the basic fundamentals of Hinduism that is often not talked about in depth. It’s a necessary starting point. First Principles Outline

  1. Hinduism is a monotheistic Religion

  2. The universe is made up of energy, in Hinduism it’s Prakriti (material) and Shakti (divine or soul)

  3. God is non dualistic which is hard to conceptualize as material beings, so we need to unify the binaries of masculine and feminine. Prakriti is masculine energy, form, while Shakti is the feminine energy.

  4. God wields the energies to create an illusionary drama or play of the world today or maya

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