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di Kye & Ben Saunders with DJ Boyce

Hosted by Comedian Kye Saunders, this comedy story-sharing podcast explores a new topic every episode. Joined by her older brother Ben these two siblings exchange moments that left them thinking, "well, at least now I've got a story to tell." New episodes are on Mondays! Want your question answered on the podcast? Please submit your questions to our email at wevegotnothingpodcast@gmail.com. Follow us on Instagram! @wevegotnot... Leggi dettagli

Episodi del podcast

  • Stagione 2

  • S02 E34 - Lincoln's last days

    S02 E34 - Lincoln's last daysEsplicito

    After two years of mystery, Ben finally reveals the place where he works or instead worked at. Drop your kids off at daycare, argue about what bed to buy, and prepare to get lost; in this episode, Ben tells all about IKEA.

  • S02 E33 - Lions Gate

    S02 E33 - Lions GateEsplicito

    Ben finally reveals his place of work. Kye discusses Lionsgate day; a holiday that is manifestation in a parking lot. Then the siblings learn what not to write on their deposit slips at the bank.

  • S02 E32 - Bargin Bin

    S02 E32 - Bargin BinEsplicito

    Don’t let Ben in an aquarium for disabled animals. Kye learns that banking isn’t easy. Josh doesn’t even have a topic to try to keep the siblings on track. Everything is half off this week.

  • S02 E31 - Crazies

    S02 E31 - CraziesEsplicito

    Weddings are on the brain this week. Ben’s dating the cake boss and who doesn’t love a side hug after “I do”? It’s crazy this week on WGN.

  • S02 E30 - Karens

    S02 E30 - KarensEsplicito

    Outback, Target, and an undisclosed location, no place is safe from a Woman with a stacked bob and a failing marriage. Someone get the manager this week; we’re talking about Karen’s