Prophets, Caring for the Poor, and All Your Clothes: the Major Messages of Amos (week of Nov. 14, third to listen to)

The Scriptures Are Real di Kerry Muhlestein

Note sull'episodio

In this episode Kerry and Lamar discuss the several times Amos teaches about prophets and why they are important and what we should do about them. They discuss the false prophets we all have in our lives without even realizing that we are accepting false prophets. They explore what it really means to be a prophet. They also look at what Amos teaches about the obligation to take care of those who are in need. They analyze how often we are the oppressors of the poor that prophets talk about, even though we think we are not. They try to bring this message home for each of us, and hope that it will help us all to do better at keeping covenant the way God has asked us to.

We are grateful for our sponsor, Lisa Spice, for Alexia Muhlestein who edited this episode, and for Rich Nicholls, who composed and plays the music for the podcast.

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