Swords and SatireEsplicito

di Jamie Mockel, Chelsea Halliwell, Jack Olander

We are your hosts, Jamie and Chelsea, the dynamic married duo, and along with our stellar brother Jack, we take a critical and hilarious approach to discussing fantasy media. We are all lifelong scholars, who love to analyze the media we consume, but can't help joking around as well, because we are silly people at heart. On Swords & Satire we review both classic and modern fantasy movies and shows, and take an in depth look at ... Leggi dettagli

Episodi del podcast

  • E111 - Episode 111 - Coraline

    E111 - Episode 111 - CoralineEsplicito

    This week we are continuing our spooky theme with a creepy otherworld adventure film called Coraline, in which a young girl moves to rural Oregon with her starving and distracted writer parents. Coraline finds a portal to a parall...

  • E110 - Episode 110 - Pan’s Labyrinth

    E110 - Episode 110 - Pan’s LabyrinthEsplicito

    This week for Scares and Satire we move on to our monster themed film, Pan’s Labyrinth, a fantasy, horror war movie that makes you question a lot of things, like “What can mandrakes cure?” or “Is magic real?” or “Who is the real m...

  • E109 - Episode 109 - Practical Magic

    E109 - Episode 109 - Practical MagicEsplicito

    It’s that time of year again, another month of Scares and Satires for the hauntingly beautiful month of October! This week we cover our take on a modern witchy fantasy classic, Practical Magic. This one is a favorite of our crew, ...

  • E108 - Episode 108 - Ator the Fighting Eagle

    E108 - Episode 108 - Ator the Fighting EagleEsplicito

    We are continuing the classic adventure fantasy theme for September with our episode on Ator the Fighting Eagle, who isn’t actually an eagle, and pals around with a baby bear, named Kiog, and an Amazon fighter, named Roon, who is ...

  • E107 - Episode 107 - Red Sonja

    E107 - Episode 107 - Red SonjaEsplicito

    We are continuing our podcastiversary this week with our take on another movie in the Conan universe, Red Sonja, about a strong heroine who is tasked with saving the world from total destruction and gives zero fucks about what oth...