Episode 190 - Conan the Barbarian (1982, Satirist reboot)

Swords and Satire di Jamie Mockel, Cassidy Williams, Jack Olander

Note sull'episodio
Well folx, this is it, our final episode of Swords & Satire. We have tried so hard, and come so far, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter… No, wait, sorry, don’t know where that Lincoln Park song came from, but have created one more episode to honor how far we have come as a show, and the classic fantasy film that started it all, Conan the Barbarian. This is also in thanks to all of our listeners and patrons, who have supported our show and stuck with us through all of the ups and downs. We hope you enjoy this final episode, and until we meet again, Hail Crom!P.S. Hang in there at the end of the episode to catch our very last skit, a little treat for you as a parting gift from us, the Satirists!
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